Reading Prosper While You Sleep book, Chapter 8: Instant manifestation techniques?

Hi everyone, and welcome to a new part of this series! Here on this page we shall look at Chapter 8 of the Prosper While You Sleep book, titled “You Are What You Think You Are!” Are there really instant manifestation techniques that we can apply today?

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Not Instantaneous, But You Don’t Have To Wait Long

The author suggested that although your outer circumstances won’t change immediately after you start applying your mind in a positive manner, once you know that it’s possible to change your station in life, it will not take very long for physical transformation to begin happening. Also, see yourself as having changed, instead of wishing it is so.

What could be instantly improved is the way you feel about life right now. If you realize now that it’s more than possible to change your life situation in a MAJOR way and in a very short period of time, then you’d feel hopeful, even excited about what life could mean in the very near future. If you could start seeing yourself as a successful ‘fill in the blanks here’, then you’d start to feel empowered, optimistic, and good about yourself. And if you could maintain that feeling for some time, it won’t be long before the way is opened up for you. Maybe you’ll get an idea to do something, and then when you do it another related idea comes to you, and then on and on it goes.

So the only instant manifestation technique I know of is the manifestation of emotions. Focus on feeling the way you want to feel with the having of what you want to have. So if you want to achieve success in your business or anything else in order to feel pride and joy, then feel pride and joy now. Only THEN the way opens up for you.

When I somehow manage to get myself feeling good, there is no desperation or frustration regarding the timing of when something I want is going to come, because I’m enjoying the process so much. I’m enjoying the way I’m feeling, the feeling of empowerment, the feeling of optimism, the feeling of anticipation. When I’m feeling really good, if there is something to be done, I know that I will be guided to do it. And if I don’t do anything, then I know that there is nothing to be done except maintaining my feelings at that place.

However, depending on how your mind has been trained thus far and what beliefs you are holding on to, it is possible that you need a little bit of practice before you become good at it. The key is to keep at it. You need to wake up every morning setting the intention to think thoughts that feel good. Then think thoughts that feel good. And you’d find that it won’t be long before something happens that gives you hope, and makes you believe in this power of believing.

See You In The Next One!

For the next week or so, focus on feeling the emotions that you want to feel, and observe what happens in your physical reality. I think one of the easiest ways is to imagine yourself feeling what you want to feel. For example, if you want to feel unbridled joy, imagine yourself (in the first person view) feeling unbridled joy. Before I leave you, remember to let me know (below) if you have any questions or comments regarding what have been shared above. Thanks a lot, and I’ll see you in the next one!

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