Some really deep quotes and sayings, by Rumi! – Part 9 of the Rumi series

Hi there, here are more DEEP quotes and sayings by Rumi, who must be one of the most foresighted persons of his era. I can only understand the things he said after reading many self-help books, and understanding a bit about meditation and connection with the Divine.

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“To love is human, to feel pain is human, yet to still love despite the pain is pure angel.”

Forget your past hurts. The only moment that matters is right now. Loving is the natural us and hence increase our energy levels. The state of loving brings everything we want to us. Loving feels good. You might not think much of how feeling love benefits ourselves. You might think loving benefits the other person, but as mentioned there is so much benefit to feeling love. Why would anyone not want to love?

When we learn the higher love, Universal love, which is loving all living beings and even non-living things such as the creativity in handicrafts, the wonders of nature, the advancement in technology, for the sake of loving and feeling good and aligning with our natural self, without the expectation of reciprocation, then we are really loving.

Never stop loving.

“You think because you understand one, you must also understand two, because one and one make two, but you must also understand ‘and’.”

This is quite ambiguous, isn’t it? I wish to understand this quote by tying it to what I’ve learned in terms of meditation and thinking positive thoughts (which makes us feel good). How could feeling good and appreciative and love in your daily living impact greatly on manifestation? Perhaps you think that at the most feeling good might cause us to feel more motivated to work harder. But that is thinking in terms of one plus one equals two.

Maybe that’s why we don’t make it our goal each day to feel really good. But such a simple act has an incredible EXPONENTIAL impact, and only by experiencing it for ourselves we can know what it means, as well as have the continuing motivation to keep experiencing it. That is the power of ‘and’.

“I looked for God. I went to a temple and I didn’t find Him there. Then I went to church and I didn’t find Him there. Then I went to a mosque and I didn’t find Him there. Then I finally looked in my heart and there He was.”

You don’t have to be a religious person to find God. To me, God is all around us, what we can’t see. And connecting with God is probably our mission in life. Not just once and then that’s it, but a way of life. Constantly living in alignment with God, receiving God’s guidance and acting upon it.

And the way to God? Living in joy, with appreciation, passion, positive expectation, zest for life. Here’s a simple way to start living in joy. Every day, for half an hour, close your eyes and imagine yourself in joy. If the details come to you, for instance you start to see yourself doing something that gives you that sort of joy, roll with it. Ride that wave. If not, it doesn’t matter because what’s important is the feeling of the emotion. It’s getting to that feeling place that is going to make all the difference.

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Feel free to read through the entire series to enjoy and appreciate the sayings of Rumi. And if you can’t hold in your enjoyment of his wonderful quotes anymore, you can always pour out some of your appreciation in the comment box below. Till the next part (if any), sayonara!

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