The Healing POWER of the Mind

“It’s all in the mind”, it’s often said. But how true is it? Below let us look at the healing power of the mind. I’m Clark, by the way, your friendly neighborhood personal development guide.

It’s All in the Mind!

As self-help gurus, and even some medical professionals, like to say, every sickness begins in the mind. We have thought it into being, through our stress, anxiety, anger, and every emotion that is considered negative, that makes us feel bad.

And that is the indicator whether an emotion is positive or negative, good or bad (how we feel). If we don’t like the way we are feeling, we are feeling negative emotion. And vice-versa. Science has actually proven that happy people are less likely to fall sick, confirming what self-help practitioners have known for a long time.

Thus, if every illness ultimately begins in the mind, then to revert back to the original, healthy, perfect state doesn’t it make complete sense that we just have to be happy? Feelings are said to be a consequence of thoughts, so think good, happy thoughts. Of course, if you have fallen sick then you want to continue taking your medicine while complementing that with thinking positive and happy.

There is a period of time from feeling happy until you find your body getting better, simply because things in the physical realm tend to move slower than those in the mental or spiritual realm. We learned in school that solid matter vibrates more slowly compared to liquids and gases, right? So it is that you can think thoughts faster than your body can recover. But an elevated emotion is said to make your body less solid (mind-blown?) and therefore it can heal faster.

Another Way Of Looking At ‘Healing’

I can think of other meanings of healing. Such as healing from past hurts so that they don’t affect your current or future relationships, or healing from past failures so that you can believe in yourself again.

The trick is you don’t have to ‘go back’ and fix things. Just pay no attention to them. Stay positive and happy (mind-blown again?) An elevated emotion is said to magnetize what you want to you. So you stay in that elevated emotion and then the Universe will show you the way to perhaps let go of those hurts or failures. Or maybe the Universe decides there’s no need, who knows?

People think that they have to struggle for anything good, when it is actually the opposite. If you think of all the important or precious things on Earth, like oxygen, food and water, feeling good, happiness, joy, there is no need at all for struggle in order to have them. The air that keeps us alive is free. Food and water is plentiful, at least where I stay. Happiness is something you can have now or in a few short minutes with some adjustments in the thoughts you think. My parents have been with me since the day I was born and I didn’t have to struggle in any way to have them.

So I hope you have very much enjoyed today’s published article. Please do not hesitate to leave your questions and comments below. I will see you in the next one, and until then, goodbye!!

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