The importance of, and how to, build a wealth consciousness

Hello there, this is Clark. Build a wealth consciousness in order to become wealthy, it’s an advice brandished about by personal development gurus, but you know it’s easier said than done. If it is a skill we can instantly master, we would all be swimming in riches now. So if you have tried for some time and have yet to become wealth-conscious, don’t beat up on yourself. Join me below as I first try to explain the relation of wealth consciousness and wealth, and then we take a look at the how-to.

When You Know You Are Rich, You Are Rich

Sounds like a scam statement by self-help gurus, but have you ever heard of people becoming broke, or divorced, or dead, after winning the lottery? In other words, they ended up seemingly in a worse situation some time after they find themselves receiving lots of money by so-called good fortune.

You’ve heard of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, right? Well, a person I know invested some money in them a few years back, and left them to grow in value. Recently, you might have heard that some of these coins have increased dramatically in value, to the point that you could become an instant millionaire! Of course, this person didn’t invest enough in the correct coins to make him filthy rich, but he could still have made quite a decent profit. But what happened was, the exchange that he invested in was hacked sometime along the way, and hence he’s left with a tiny amount of profit (from other exchanges).

Now what could have caused that? It is my humble opinion that it is the consciousness of this person. Each person has a perception of how much money he/she deserves to have, can earn, should earn, and it is really difficult to change, especially if you don’t make a conscious effort. So this person didn’t raise his wealth consciousness in line with the growth in crypto value (he wasn’t even aware that they have increased that much until recently!). He didn’t believe he could become really rich through a small amount of investment, and he believed in working hard for his money.


I will not bombard you with various tips on how to raise your wealth consciousness. There are a lot of advice that I think is good, but let me focus on just one of them here, and that is… focus.

Focus on feeling good about money all day. Turn away from always thinking that you don’t have enough, or might not have enough in the future. Affirm to yourself that you are rich. Close your eyes and imagine you have all the money you could ever need, and is enjoying life. Think of why you want the money, and stay away from the how. Now that you know why (travel the world?) you can imagine yourself doing the why (travel the world).

What are you thinking about now, while you’re on this trip? What thoughts go through a rich person’s head? They don’t think of money all that much, because they already have them. Rich people are not worried about not having enough money in the future. Rich people think about how to use their money to free up their time and do the things they enjoy. Rich people don’t worry about money when they go on a vacation.

Some people say they find it hard to fill in the details in their imagination. What do I do next? What do I say? One thing you can do to get around this is to focus your attention upon the emotions that you’re feeling in that scenario rather than the images. Perhaps you are feeling freedom, or joy, or just plain old good satisfaction for a job well done. Imagine that. Maybe you’re at a beach house overlooking the deep blue sea. Imagine yourself just sitting in your chair, taking it all in, and feeling gratitude for where you are right now. It is the intensity of your emotions which determines whether you succeed in raising your consciousness or not.

When you imagine like this, your feelings of unworthiness dissipates. You begin to believe that it is real. And then what begins to happen is that you’ll be guided in thoughts and actions towards more wealth, by the Universe or God or Source Energy as some might call it. And you’ll be amazed at how others seem to be guided in their thoughts and actions to bring you more wealth.

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