The Magic – Book by Rhonda Byrne

Book, Author: The Magic, book by Rhonda Byrne
Who is it for: Those who want to fill their hearts with gratitude and joy
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Price: $9.44 onwards
Rating: 90 out of 100 (Highly recommended!)

A Great Mystery of Life

the magic book by rhonda byrne

This book starts off with a mystifying and seemingly unjust passage from the Gospel of Matthew in the Holy Scriptures:

“Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.”

And if you look around isn’t that what’s happening in the world today? The poor seem to become poorer, and the rich just get richer every day. Now the author’s theory is that there is a hidden word in the passage above that will clear up any confusion and misunderstanding once and for all…

The hidden word is gratitude:

“Whoever has gratitude will be given more, and he or she will have an abundance. Whoever does not have gratitude, even what he or she has will be taken from him or her.”


SATURATE your Cells with Gratitude

There is a statement made by Rhonda in the book that I agree with utterly. Saying thank you on the odd occasion does NOT make one a grateful person. To change your life permanently, you must make gratitude your way of life, and one of the ways to achieve that is to practice intense gratitude over consecutive days. 

This book is basically a 28-day program with the objective of impregnating your cells and your subconscious mind with gratitude. Each day there is a topic to read, and a few simple tasks to perform.

the magic book by rhonda byrne

In the first 12 practices, you would learn to be grateful for what you have now, as well as what you have received in the past. The next 10 practices were designed to specifically help you make your dreams come true, or dramatically improve the circumstances of your life. In the last six practices, you will be saturating gratitude into every cell of your body and mind, even learn how to use the power of gratitude to help other people. And within each of the topic to be read you will understand more and more about how life works.

The author did not say why this program runs for specifically 28 days, but in feng shui 28 is known as a ‘Sum of Ten’ number (2 and 8 added together makes 10). Ten is a number of completion, bringing what you desire to fruition :).

You can get it for $9.44 onwards at Amazon

Amazon is probably the cheapest place to get this book. The last I checked, the paperback edition is $9.44 and the Kindle is $9.99. They also have used books which will be cheaper of course. And by the way, Amazon provides a free Kindle reading app.

Bring The Magic Into Your Life

You may or may not become a millionaire by reading this book, but if you follow the 28 gratitude practices consecutively then at the very least you should undergo a personal transformation. You would go from sweating the small stuff in your life, like getting annoyed when the food you ordered takes some time to arrive, to thinking more and more about the bigger picture and appreciating the wonders of the world. 

Some of the practices may leave you with a depth of peace and happiness that you have never felt before, and that to me should be your goal when doing these exercises. The physical manifestations are really just bonuses. And after all it is when you do not need the money and relationship and fame that they come to you effortlessly. 

I hope you find this review helpful (and please share if you do!), and as always if you have any questions or comments just leave them below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. See you around!!

P.S. Do you know that it’s possible to hypnotize yourself into becoming a more grateful person? It’s true – learn more here.

12 thoughts on “The Magic – Book by Rhonda Byrne”

  1. I have found interest in this author before and I like what I am seeing here as well. I know that Gratitude can certainly make a huge impact on your life as I have already seen its impact on mine. I would love to be able to take my novice abilities in this area and sharpen and hone them even more. So thank you for sharing this, I really appreciate the heads up. I look forward to reading it.

  2. Why is it so hard for us to just be grateful!!? I am Thankful for what I have and not just material or monetarily, I am Thankful for my and my children’s health! It is increasingly difficult to remain positive in a world of negativity when you have ‘grumbles’ surrounding you! I definitely have to get this book! Thanks, Clark. ?

  3. Hi,
    in this days we forgot to have gratitude for being in health and have a food at home to eat.
    There are people who doesn’t have nothing to eat or home where to sleep.
    We take to much for granted what we have.
    Nice post and interesting website with interesting thematic.
    Thank you

    • Thank you Diego. Sorry for the (very) late reply – I was caught up with other things and, totally forgot about this..

      I agree with you, people like to take their current comforts for granted, only to realize what they had when they lose it. Sometimes we all need a loyal friend (or a good book) to remind us to be grateful.

      I will be posting new content regularly, so please visit often!

  4. Nice review 🙂 though I have to admit I found the book cheaper than on amazon… which put me off slightly.. but otherwise really nice review and nice set up


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