The Purpose of Life

What’s up everyone, how are you doing? I’m Clark, the founder and author for (this website!) I want to discuss the purpose of life with you here. Have you ever wondered what we are meant to do while we’re alive? Is it to study real hard, get a good job, save money, accumulate possessions, get a wife, have some kids, die, get reincarnated, repeat the whole cycle again?

It is said that all of us came from the same Source. And that ultimately, we are one and would return to Source. So then what’s the meaning of all this? What are we supposed to do while we’re here?

To Do What We Were Meant To Do?

Is there ONE primary thing that we were put in this world for? Some calling that would bring you inner peace and bliss? Is it the same for all people, such as achieving enlightenment or doing enough good so that we could go to paradise, or is it that some people are meant to be farmers, some butchers, some priests, some sportspeople, and so on and so forth?

Or is it to struggle, work hard, suffer and sacrifice? Surely not. It is always claimed that happiness brings money and every other thing that you could want, instead of the other way around. So I think (one of the reasons) we’re here (is) to learn how to be happy, and then experience the life we want as a result of that. But we’ve got to be satisfied now, be happy now, be loving now, even before getting all the things that we want.

To Be Enlightened?

I have been reading (and re-reading) Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. What I like about the book is how simple life is from the author’s perspective. Becoming enlightened should be our primary objective in life. Everything else is secondary. Tolle also showed us the many doors through which one may gain enlightenment. I have written a series on enlightenment myself and you are most welcomed to read it. I shall leave the link to the first part below.

Religions have touched on the idea of enlightenment for a long, long time, and none more so than Buddhism. I think it is well-known that the Buddha prescribed the end of suffering/becoming enlightened as our soul’s goal. But when I did some research on the religions in the world, I found that many other religions also share a similar belief.

When we are enlightened, when we are in alignment with Source, it is said we will feel delicious inside. Joy, inner peace, love, and appreciation shall fill us. Of course, reading about and believing it vs. experiencing it for yourself are two very different things. Once you know how it feels, you would never want to not have that feeling with you all the time. And that is my cue to suggest you to read my enlightenment series (I’ll leave the link below).

To Be Happy and Blissful?

When we were kids, we don’t think about these things. We just do whatever we wanted (until stopped by our parents!) But maybe kids know something we don’t. Maybe that’s it. Follow our bliss. Could it really be that simple? I said simple, but definitely not easy. If you have ever tried to do effective meditation, you’d know how difficult it is, at first anyway, to do nothing.

Since we all came from the same Source and all of us are going to return there somehow and sometime, maybe all that’s left is to play. Maybe kids are here to show us that. We have been given the senses to perceive the beauty that is around us. And we are given the ability to experience feelings like love, excitement, inner peace, anticipation, eagerness and great satisfaction. Perhaps our only job is to really appreciate life as we live it day after day.

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That’s all for this page, folks. I hope you’ve really enjoyed it; and please feel free to leave your questions and comments below. In addition to the links above, I’ll leave you with some recommended reading below.  Till the next time. Thanks a lot!

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