Understanding Religions in the World – Part 13: Baha Faith Basic Beliefs

Hey everyone, this is Clark. Today we continue with part 13 of the “Understanding Religions” series here on this website. We look at the Baha faith basic beliefs, including a bit of its history and its place in the world today. The Baha faith is also known as Baha’i.

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Baha’i Basic Beliefs

Baha’i followers believe that all prophets were servants of the same God, and preached the same message. Therefore, they are very accepting of all religions. Not only that, they believe in uniting all religions in order to eliminate religious prejudice.

Baha faith followers are committed to improve themselves and the world. They advocate meetings among people of different religions and cultures for world peace. They believe in the elimination of all forms of prejudice, as well as the end of poverty. They believe in gender equality, and harmony between science and religion.

Baha’i followers believe in the need for a global required or obligatory education, as well as a global secondary language.

A Bit of History

Based on the research I’ve done, Baha’i began in Persia (now Iran) in the 19th century. A Muslim man, called The Báb or The Gate announced that a new prophet would soon come after Muhammad. This contradicted a fundamental belief in Islam, which is that Muhammad was the final prophet, and The Báb was executed by the Muslim government.

As the belief gained momentum, one of The Báb’s followers, Bahá’u’lláh or Glory of God, was thrown in jail. There he started to believe that he was the Baha’i prophet that was promised. Bahá’u’lláh then spent his life as a prophet in exile. He wrote the Kitab-i-Aqdas which is one of the key Baha’i scriptures. He became known as the founder of the Baha faith.

Baha’i in the World

There are about five million Baha’i followers today. Their places of worship are their homes as well as Baha’i temples, which welcome people of all religions.

Baha’i followers are to pray daily. This includes recited prayers as well as personal ones. They are also advised to meditate at the end of each day on the merit of their actions. Services in Baha’i temples involve prayers, music, as well as the reading of scriptures of every religion (but mainly the texts of Bahá’u’lláh).

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Baha’i followers arrange the 19-day Feast, a gathering of members of the local Baha’i community for worship, once every 19 days. It is hoped that this gathering fosters unity among the members of the community.

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