Understanding Religions in the World – Part 17: What is Christian Science?

Dear brothers and sisters, how are things? I’m Clark, and welcome to part 17 of this series: What is Christian Science? Just like Theosophy (part 15) and the Nation of Islam (part 16), Christian Science is a pseudo-religion. Similar to religions, it is common for pseudo-religions to have a founder, principal text, liturgy and faith-based beliefs. However, pseudo-religions are non-mainstream and the term is frequently used in a demeaning way.

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Christian Science Main Beliefs

Just like traditional Christians, Christian Science followers believe in an eternal loving God.

Christian Science is different from traditional Christianity in that it rejects the Godhood of Jesus, instead its followers believe he had a relationship with God that all human beings could also have.

They believe that Jesus’ healing abilities are evidence that spiritual healing is very much possible. Traditional Christians see this kind of ‘power’ as a gift from Heaven itself, but Christian Science believers regard it as something we can all achieve once we gain true spiritual understanding.

Christian Science’s central texts are the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which opines that illness and disease can be healed by prayer. Mary Baker Eddy is the founder of Christian Science.

Founding History

Christian Science was founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879 with the founding of the Church of Christ, Scientist in the US. She lived from 1821 to 1910. Her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (originally published in 1875), is of the opinion that illnesses can be healed by prayer.

Mary, being a woman, was not given a lot of formal education, but she read a great deal. Her ill health coupled with other misfortunes caused Mary to consider God’s hand in human suffering, as well as try out alternative healing approaches like homeopathy and hydrotherapy. This eventually led her to believe in the mental nature of illness as well as research the healing stories that are in the Bible.

It is said that while reading about Jesus’ healings, Mary had a healing experience of her own. This led to several years of intense study of the Bible during which Mary had more healing experiences. In the year 1870, Mary taught her very first Christian Science class.

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