Understanding Religions in the World – Part 18: What is Nazism and What are New Age Religion Beliefs?

Dear sisters and brothers, how are we doing? Wherever you might be in the world I hope you are doing fantastically well. I am Clark, and this is part 18 of my “Understanding Religions” series. We are going to take a brief look at what is Nazism, and I will also give you an introduction to New Age religion beliefs. So a double-header today if you will.

Anyway, here’s part 17 of the series. If you want to read other parts of this series, you can visit my Series page and look under the “UNDERSTANDING RELIGIONS series” section. Now without further ado, let’s get into it.

Nazism and Religion

Nazism is more known as a political movement in Germany that occurred in the first half of the 20th century. Its leader as most of you would know was Adolf Hitler. Nazis ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. Nazism had certain things in common with fascism, which is characterized by dictatorial power, strong control of society and the economy as well as violent suppression of opposition. However, its ideas and ways are said to be far more extreme.

However, Nazism has been called a pseudo-religion before and this might not be well-known to many people. It was claimed that occult (mystical powers, practices or phenomena) groups were directing the Nazis. It has also been said that the Nazis wanted to remove Jewish content from the Bible, thus transforming Christianity into a new religion, one that is cleansed of any Jewish elements.

Due to the nature and un-popularity of Nazism, I will not go too much into what they believed, however I believe one thing we can take note of is to always keep an open mind about religions and religious beliefs. Often, the things we believe depend largely on where we were born and the family we were born into. Sometimes, they depend on who the current government at your place is and their ideologies. Therefore, think about whether a particular belief is good or bad for you before you decide to take any action based on it.

An Introduction to New Age Religions

Now what are the New Age religions?

Well, they are a group of religions that grew very quickly in the West in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Usually the people who are involved are middle or upper-middle class. They are said to draw heavily upon the ideas of Freemasonry and Theosophy, along with other traditions.

New Age religions believe in a universal divinity. They accept all perspectives on divinity as valid, and this is certainly consistent with their belief that the best way of understanding spirituality is through ourselves and our life experiences, and their belief that the divine cannot be understood by our mind or languages.

New Age religions commonly believe in semi-divine entities such as angels and masters, the same masters referred to in my Theosophy article above.

They commonly believe that humanity is in, or has just finished experiencing, a period of evil, corruption and vice called the Age of Pisces. It is or was an important learning experience for humanity. And we will, or has already entered the Age of Aquarius, which is a golden age of positivity, celebration, abundance and love.

It is New Age religions’ belief that physical, mental and spiritual health is our natural state. Hence, they emphasize healing (in every aspect) as well as alternative medicine.

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