Understanding Religions in the World – Part 8: Zoroastrianism Major Beliefs

Dear friends, a very good day to you wherever you are in the world. How are you? Today we continue the “Understanding Religions” series, and look at Zoroastrianism major beliefs, including how it began and how it is being practiced today. To be honest, I’ve never heard of Zoroastrianism before starting this series but I found it incredibly fascinating while researching this religion.

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Zoroastrianism Core Ideas

Zoroastrianism is also known as Mazdayasna. Its believers are called Zoroastrians. They believe in one God (Ahura Mazda), who may be represented by fire in particular but also water and earth. The enemy of their God is Angra Mainyu.

Zoroastrians believe that human beings help either Ahura Mazda or Angra Mainyu depending on whether their deeds are good or evil. If your good deeds outweigh the bad, then you will go to heaven by crossing the Bridge of the Separator. If it is the other way around, the bridge will narrow and you will fall off into hell.

It is Zoroastrianism belief that one day, in the fourth period of the Universe (more on this below), a savior will appear, the dead will come out for their final reward or punishment, the forces of good will reign over the forces of evil forever, and the world will be restored to the state of perfection that it was originally in.

How It Began…

Zoroastrianism is the religion founded by Zoroaster. He was a prophet in Ancient Persia (now Iran). At the time, his society was being torn apart by warring tribes, which he interpreted to be a struggle between good and evil. Zoroaster lived in the wilderness to fully acquire wisdom. After he resisted the temptation of a powerful demon, God visited Zoroaster to give him the sacred Zoroastrian scriptures and invited him to preach the new idea.

Based on Zoroastrianism, the entire timeline of the universe is divided into four periods of 3,000 years each. There was no matter in the first period, the third is when Zoroaster’s faith was propagated, and the fourth as mentioned above is when the savior will appear.

In the beginning, Zoroaster preached with little or no results. But one day he managed to convert a prince to the new religion, who then helped him to convert other people.

Zoroastrianism Today

This is one of the oldest religions that are still being practiced. There are about 150 thousand Zoroastrians today, and most of them are in India.

Zoroastrians’ main moral principles are good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Their places of worship are called “fire temples”. A sacred fire is always kept burning in their temples, and all Zoroastrian rituals must be performed in the presence of a sacred fire.

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