Unlock Your Quantum Powers

Dr. Jean Houston, former advisor to President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will be conducting a “new, leading-edge” 7-week Unlock Your Quantum Powers online course beginning on Wednesday, February 11 (see update below).

According to Jean, there are 5 QUANTUM POWERS within us that, when unlocked, will allow us to become truly and fully alive. You will have access to a tremendous supply of power, energy and joy, with the creative power of the entire Universe at your fingertips…


Over the past ten years, she has worked to develop a process for training others to fully master all 5 of these Quantum Powers, and Dr. Jean Houston is now ready to share that process with us…

Update: This post was written in 2015. This year, it may be possible to register after the deadline as all the materials are available online. The link is still the same, so read on for more information.

Promises, Promises…

Jean recently held a free global online seminar where she introduced her 7-week training program to the world. So you can hear for yourself what she has to say about this program. And she can probably explain her own program much better than me:). You can access the replay of the webinar here.

Below is the syllabus for the 7-week online course:

Week 1: How the Universe Really Works (Training Your Attention and Beginning to Unlock Your Quantum Powers)
Week 2: Quantum Power #1 (The Power of Your Quantum Self)
Week 3: Quantum Power #2 (The Power to Orchestrate Time)
Week 4: Quantum Power #3 (The Power of the Quantum Mind)
Week 5: Quantum Power #4 (The Power to Manifest Whatever You Need)
Week 6: Quantum Power #5 (The Power of Quantum Healing and Endless Energy)
Week 7: Your Unique Genius (Integrating Your Quantum Powers into Your Life)

At the end of the 7 weeks of this training program, we’re promised that a ‘mythic’ life awaits us. That we’ll not only be able to accomplish all the things we’ve always wished we could, but countless others we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

For more details, or to be part of the group of individuals to go through this training with Jean, click here.

See you on the other side!!

I can’t tell you now how good this thing is, because I’ve yet to go through the course myself (see update below). But listening to Jean’s recent global webinar, and subsequently doing a bit of research on this course, is inspiring to say the least. From the outside, this seems like something that could take me (and you) to the next level. I have registered myself and paid for it (this course has a 30-day, no-questions asked, money-back guarantee), and generally feeling pretty excited about all this. If you’re interested in joining me, then click here.

See you there!

Update: I went through this course with Jean in 2015 and had absolutely no regrets. I know the cheapest option for this course is $397, but you might get early bird discounts.

That’s all from me today. Share this post with others if you have enjoyed or found it to be useful, and if you have any questions or comments in regards to this course just let me know in the comment box below and I WILL get back to you as soon as I can. See you around!

12 thoughts on “Unlock Your Quantum Powers”

  1. Hello there! I personally have not heard of Dr. Jean Houston, but seeing how she has helped President Bill Clinton and many others, she seems like someone who is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise. This makes me very interested in this topic. I will check this out at a later time. Thanks a bunch for sharing this!

    • You’re most welcome, and you’re right in that Jean is very knowledgeable and also a hugely respected figure in this field of human potential. I’m excited for your participation in her webinar!

  2. This course looks really appealing. I don’t know much about Dr. Jean but it sounds like she is credible. I am more convinced than ever about the importance of learning from those who have walked the path before. Learning from people like her is a great way to avoid unnecessary mistakes on our own paths.

    • Yeah, perhaps this is the Universe’s way of showing the way to the complete you which always leads to better circumstances. Because what you see around you is always the result of what you are. But is it your background, education, money or status? No, never, it is your inner resistance which blocks off the good that is coming your way, and once you can get on top of that you’ll see miracles happening around you.

  3. I have followed Jean Houston’s work over the years and am very impressed. Anything she puts out is of high quality as she comes from total integrity and knowingness. Price for this course should never be an issue as it is an invaluable asset that will benefit anyone’s life as long as they fully immerse themselves.

    • Thank you for your support! It’s good to have another person’s opinion here to put people’s minds to rest for those who are unsure about whether this course will be worth it or not.

  4. Thank you for making this great and educative post. I am glad I came across it today because this is an issue I have always wanted to look into and today I got the opportunity on a platter. Like you said, “we have untapped powers within us, hugely untapped as a matter of fact, and it is my strong belief that joining this program will bring them out of you”.

    • I’m glad you’re interested in this course. I have really enjoyed it (still am because I go back to it and refresh every now and again) and I believe you would as well.

  5. Ah, it appears I’m a few years late to enjoy the 7 week online course , but this is still interesting material. We all definitely have untapped powers that we could better harness to achieve our goals. Sometimes it does take an investment to have someone help guide you to learning these new skills. Thanks for sharing!

    • Er, no you’re not. This course is still available now. Just click on any of the links above to register for Jean’s intro of her program.

      Like you said, we have untapped powers within us, hugely untapped as a matter of fact, and it is my strong belief that joining this program will bring them out of you.

  6. I have always felt that we need to improve ourself before we can help improve others. I find your post on quantum powers intriguing. It is something new for me and I look forward in learning more from your other posts.


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