What IS an Angel Number?

What’s up, dear friends? I’m Clark, your friendly author for self-help-books-lover.com (this website) and today I am going to take you through the topic of our discussion, what is an angel number?

People have been reportedly seeing angel numbers such as 3333, 444, 555, 222, 33, 333, 1111 and so on. Angel numbers are said to be messages from our guardian angels to let us know that we are on the right track, or to tell us to not be afraid of following our dreams, take some risks and so on.

Is This A Trick?

Have you heard of how sometimes the thing you’re thinking of can be transferred to another person’s mind? Have you ever, when you’re in the presence of someone, had the same idea as the other person, and suddenly both of you say the same thing out loud? Do you always feel a certain way when you are with someone? Nervous? Thing is, it may not be you who is feeling nervous; you might be receiving the vibes from the other person. Fascinating, isn’t it?

I just want to put it out there that this could be what’s happening with us seeing angel numbers. There is so much content about angel numbers and law of attraction out there that perhaps some of it has reach us, subconsciously! Perhaps you happen to see a video about angel numbers. And now you’re paying more attention when you see such numbers.  

Or it could be a sign or message from the divine beyond the physical realm. Yeah? Then let’s go through some of these angel numbers and see what they mean. You know 1111, right? If not, read: Love Series #7 – Twin Flame Reunion Signs

Angel Number 222!

As to where these interpretations come from, I DON’T HAVE MUCH OF AN IDEA (as of now anyway). But for each angel number, there have been common interpretations across a few sources. Perhaps they copy from each other. Or perhaps they got it from numerology experts. I don’t know. But from my own experience with these numbers I have to say that there might just be some truths to these interpretations, you know.

For instance, a couple of months back I was seeing 222 quite often. I found out that it meant:

  • I got to have more faith and trust. This number is said to occur usually when one is lacking belief in life. Which is impressive because I was starting a new project and was having some doubts, on and off (more on than off), on whether it could be a success.
  • It could also mean that one has spiritual knowledge and awareness. That all is well with your body, mind and spirit. But this was not what I was feeling, not constantly anyway (there was more doubt than faith, not to mention resentment), so I don’t think this is what the angel number was telling me.

I know that faith comes automatically when one is connected to Source/Being/God (there has been many names since the world began) and feeling good. So I started a 30-day personal development challenge, aimed at increasing my vibration or good feelings to a level that I’ve never reached before, or at least not recently. When one is truly feeling good, that usually means Source/Being/God is very much with that person. Or perhaps it’s the other way around. When we can find a way to be connected to Source, we feel really good. But when either of that happens, it is almost impossible not to have faith in everything we do.

Just a quick note before the next section: As you have seen above, a particular angel number could have multiple meanings. It really depends on the circumstances you find yourself under and how the number applies in your case. Now let’s go on to

Angel Number 444!

So I started my challenge. Achieved a few breakthroughs which made it easier still to have more faith. Nowadays I see less of 222 and more of angel number 444. I did see some 444s back then, so who knows what’s going on. Some of the meanings that 444 carries are:

  • My guardian angels are sending me encouragement and love, and letting me know that they are nearby and ready to help. Which is consistent with what I have said above: When one is feeling good, Source is in his or her life.
  • It is time to take inspired action. 444 is telling me to ask for help from my angels and then listen closely to my intuition. I think ‘asking for help’ here may not mean verbally asking for help or writing it down, but more towards knowing what I want and being humble enough to realize that the most effective work is done by Source. I think I am very much at this stage now. So my mission nowadays is to continuously feel good and let Source take action through me, if that makes sense to you. I also talked about this in my challenge.

So is it a coincidence? Am I just imagining stuff? Not sure, but the breakthroughs are real enough, and also it’s true that I’ve been coming across these angel numbers multiple times.

Angel Number 555!

I thought I was seeing a lot of 555s sometime back but then it seems to have dried up a little recently. I did see it a couple of times yesterday. Maybe it’s coming back? There’s a lot of good stuff associated with angel number 555:  

  • Life is about to change forever (and in a good way)! It means growth! Freedom! New and exciting opportunities! An epic life journey is about to commence! I certainly hope that is true.
  • It can also mean that one is spiritually in-tune with the divine, which is what I’ve been trying to be.

Did I mention I saw this angel number twice yesterday? Twice!! Perhaps my angels are giving me signs that a wonderful life is coming, but I have to keep having faith. Hmm?

There Are Many Other Angel Numbers!

And I am going to write about them. Next up, we look at the angel number 666, which is… the devil’s number? The number of evil? But it’s called an angel number so I suppose it can’t be that bad. Having said that, Lucifer was once an angel, wasn’t he?

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6 thoughts on “What IS an Angel Number?”

  1. An interesting and informative post. 

    You have missed out 11.11 which I see a lot every day as well as 333, another one I see a lot.

    Was interesting to read the meaning for 222 as that appears every so often too. Strangely I don’t see the higher numbers, just those numbers and have done for many years on and off. 

    Thank you, I really enjoyed reading this post.

    • Hi Linda, thank you for sharing your experience with angel numbers here. It’s good to see another angel number enthusiast! If you read my love series post (link is provided above), there is a bit about 11:11.

      Keep believing in angel numbers, Linda. See what they mean and take the appropriate action to expand the joy in your life exponentially!

  2. I never really understood this concept of what an angel number is when a friend said something about it to me. Now that you have explained it on your website, I see truly that it is possible for our guidance angel to send some type of message to us using these numbers.

    • Now that you know, I’m sure you’ll notice an angel number very clearly indeed when it appears in your life. But don’t go looking for it, for example sitting in front of a clock waiting for it to show you the angel number you want to see! The real signs are those that suddenly hit you out of nowhere.

  3. I love your website and articles. Though I was expecting the chapter for Angel number 1111 🙂 
    Completely believing in Angels and Angel numbers, I can relate to your words as well. 

    Moved on to the Twin Flame Reunion Signs as well. Of course, led by the higher consciousness to be reminded in that article that 1111 is a Twin flame reunion sign. 

    Thanks for a great share,

    • Thank you for reading and commenting, Sunny. I can see that you are big on love, soulmates and twin flames :). Nothing happens by accident, so the saying goes. I guess you must be thinking a lot about twin flames lately!

      So be sure to go through the rest of my Love Series, or visit my Series! page. I’m sure you can find something that interests you over there.


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