What is Angel Number 666 about?

Hello ladies and gents, how are all of you doing? In my previous piece: What IS an Angel Number? we’ve seen what always seeing 222, 444 or 555 means. That was merely the beginning of our angel number exploration. Here on this page, we shall look at a truly exciting angel number. We will see what is angel number 666 about.

So we’ve learned that angel numbers are messages from our guardian angels. They could be telling us to keep following our dream and not to give up, or to let us know that something exciting is about to happen very soon, etc.


What happens if you always see the number 666? There was a period of time when I kept seeing this number (without knowing that it is an angel number), but it reminded me of something that I have been working on, something that is all good and so I was quite pleased to see it despite knowing all the scary meanings attached to this number.

In religion (mainly Christianity), this number is said to be used to invoke the devil/Satan! Over the centuries, it has become associated with bad luck, and a lot of people including non-Christians avoid it whenever they could. I once had a phone number with 666 in the middle. I could see that some people ‘stopped’ for a moment when I gave them my number.

Angel Number 666!

So why is ‘666’ now called an angel number? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the word angel is usually associated with something real good, yeah? So it has nothing to do with the fact that Lucifer was once an angel, but:

  • It’s a message from our guardian angels reminding us of our divine origins and to realign our thoughts with the universe. What are thoughts that are aligned with the universe? Thoughts that bring us Joy, Happiness, Peace, Deliciousness, Enthusiasm, Love, etc. What are thoughts that aren’t aligned with the universe? Thoughts of despair, fear, anxiousness, resentment, boredom.
  • You might be on the wrong path, and it’s time for you to chase your dream once again. The one you’ve put away a long time ago. The one you thought you couldn’t ever achieve. Always seeing this number might be the universe’s way of indicating to you that the time is right to reignite your dreams.

Next, Angel Number 888!

There is just that many angel numbers! Lots of things for me to write about :). I shall have to leave you, but only for now. I will be back talking about the angel number 888. The number 8 is a favorite of many people of Chinese origins (and just like 666 the popularity has probably spread to the entire world). We shall look at the meaning of 888 appearing in one’s life many times. So remember to come back again to this website, and subscribe to my emails. Let me know below should you happen to have any questions/comments. See you again, people!

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4 thoughts on “What is Angel Number 666 about?”

  1. Your article on the number 666 as an angel number is really interesting. Of course, I am aware of the Biblical information that the number of Satan is 666, but I like the interpretation that you have given for those who often see this number. It is a suggestion that a path, direction or action in life be rethought because it might not be helpful for the person. I think as society gets more technical, it becomes more difficult for people to recognize spiritual guidance. This article is a reminder about being open.

    • Now that you’re aware of angel numbers, or perhaps you’ve been aware of other angel numbers before this, do read the rest of my angel number series in case you come across any of them. When I’m thinking and feeling positive they are my sign to continue what I am doing, and if I am feeling not-so-good at that particular moment they would be my reminder that I am off course.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article about this specific angel number and certainly don’t believe it’s a bad one or related to the devil. I don’t often see this number in sequence but you are right on about spiritual guidance and helping you realize your full potential! I will look forward to reading about the 8’s. Thanks you for sharing this wisdom with us.


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