What is Angel Number 888 about?

Angel numbers. They are said to be divine messages. Our guardian angels, or spirit guides, are trying to tell us something. Perhaps you’re in a worrisome place and lacking belief at this particular point in your life, and just need some love and encouragement. If you’ve been following this series, you’d gone through with me the meanings of 222, 444, 555 and 666 appearing in your life many times. Now we are going to look at what is angel number 888 about.

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(People of) Chinese (Origins) Have Loved the Number 8 FOREVER

The pronunciation of the number 8 in the Chinese language sounds like ‘becoming wealthy’. Obviously it is mostly interpreted as money wealth, but I like to think that it could also mean wealth of love and happiness.

Hence, people who use Chinese language in their daily lives would love a car registration plate with the number 8888. They would love to have a house number that ends with 8. They would love to stay in apartments situated on level 8. In countries where there are quite a few Chinese people, sim cards with lots of 8s sell for a higher price. But here on my website, we don’t need to own something with the number 8 to take part in money wealth. No, Sir. People who visit this website, we believe in signs. We just need to see the number 8 everywhere. Car registration plate number. On YouTube. On TV. We believe in the divine and the messages they bring, right?

But 888, besides the meaning “becoming wealthy, becoming wealthy, becoming wealthy” (because there are three 8s, get it?) is also an angel number. So are the messages from our guardian angels mainly related to money by any chance?

Angel Number 888!

So let’s look at some of the meanings of 888. To be honest, after a while some of the meanings of these angel numbers overlap heavily. I think the most important thing is how the angel number you keep seeing specifically applies to your life situation. I didn’t really come across 888 before so I won’t include my life experiences here like I did for some of the other angel numbers like 222, 444 and 555.

  • So it does mean that an abundance of WEALTH, love, goodness and joy is about to come into your life. BUT, you have to continue what you’re doing, namely, maintaining thoughts that are in harmony with the divine. Which means thoughts that Feel Good. Your feelings don’t lie, so if you feel good you would know that you’re feeling good. If you’re unsure, then you’re probably not, you’re probably having a mix of good and bad emotions instead.
  • It could also be telling you to give up control, and let Source take over. Control over every single detail of your life, control over how money is going to come, etc. Your only task is to connect with the source of all good things. Then whatever you think and do is guided by Source, or to go even further, it is Source who is thinking the thoughts and doing the actions. Of course, it is important to remember that we are a part of Source, so we are in fact doing those things but we are doing them from a better place so to speak. We are doing things armed with the knowledge of Source.

Cheerio (For Now)!

I shall leave you here, but I’ll be back for sure to discuss yet another angel number. What angel numbers are you coming across currently and how do they apply to your life situation? If you ever feel like sharing that with us, just leave your story below and we will be ready to listen. Till the next angel number, goodbye!

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