What is Brainwave Shots?

Hello there, I’m Clark. If you are here on this page that means you want to know what is brainwave shots. These are audios that you listen to, to get yourself into a particular state of mind. There are many brainwave shots that have been created, and you can get five of them for free.

These shots have been created by Inspire3, the self-help experts team who has given us such beloved scientific self-help tools such as Zen12 meditation audios, Subliminal Guru, Manifesting.com, Hypnosis Bootcamp, and The Raikov Effect.

Happiness Brings Success

Have you ever heard of the theory that being happy brings you the stuff that you want? It’s not the other way around. You get to feeling the way you would when the money you want, the lover(s) you want, the experiences you want come to you. And then, once you are able to do that and feel like that for long enough, the physical equivalents will start to show up all around you.

So that’s why you may want to download the “Euphoria Brainwave Shot”. It was designed to give you a shot of… euphoria. It is claimed that this audio can give you that wonderful feeling not just for the duration of the audio, but it can last for a few hours to the rest of the day!

Other options available (that are free) are “Power Nap Shot”, “Relaxation Shot”, “Learning Shot” and “Confidence Shot”. I don’t know about you, but I think this is a good deal. They’re not giving you a sample of the full-length audios, these are actually the full-length audios that people get when they pay actual money.

The Science Behind These Audios

When we experience a state of mind (or feeling for simplicity), say happiness, or relaxed, or confidence, or in a party mood, our brain emits a certain brainwave pattern. That is to say, when we are happy, our brain emits a certain pattern, and when we are relaxed, our brain emits a different pattern.

This phenomena has been studied, and it has been found that when we are exposed to sound-waves with a certain pattern, say the “relaxed” pattern, our brain will replicate that pattern and hence bring about that state of mind. That’s the simple version of it, I am not a scientist and I am sure that there is much more to this so please don’t go around quoting me.

So what is needed to be done? Nothing much really, just download the audio, play it and listen.

Get Your Free Shot

There’s no point in me going on and on about it. Accepting it and experiencing it are two very different things. Take a listen, and remember to do it when you are alone and not needing to drive or operate dangerous machinery (because it might cause drowsiness or at the very least distraction). Some of these shots are designed to get you to sleep, after all. To be safer yet, read this: Brainwave Entrainment MP3 – When You Should Not Listen

Get your free brainwave shot here.

2 thoughts on “What is Brainwave Shots?”

  1. Hi Clark, what a brilliant idea and even better you can try it for free to start. I know I could use a shot in the arm and when I’m happy it seems that everything goes better. I’m really going to enjoy trying out the Brainwave Shots. 

    Thanks so much for introducing me to a new concept.

    • You’re very much welcomed, and I hope you enjoy great success after listening. At the very least, you should feel refreshed and raring to go.


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