What is Gratitude Meditation?

Good day people! I’m Clark, the founder and writer of self-help-books-lover.com; today let us return to the discussion on the subject of gratitude, an important part of personal development that I have not touched on for a while. So today’s topic will be what is gratitude meditation?

Immersing Yourself in Gratitude and Appreciation

You can be grateful anytime, anywhere. But it does not come easy to many people. Oftentimes, you’re grateful for a while, usually when something good happens or you see something that pleases you very much, but then what-is claims most of your attention again, and you’re back to complaining, to being resentful, to being unhappy, etc. You can choose to be grateful for anything and everything, from having lots of free time at home to the beautiful view in the park near your house, from your favorite sport returning after Covid-19 lockdown to seeing a cat or a kitten walking pass.

Gratitude meditation is just an ‘official’ appreciation session, where you set aside some alone-time to concentrate on feeling gratitude and appreciation for anything and everything. You could start by scanning the room that you’re in. Notice if there is anything that pleases you. If there is, after you have noticed it, put your attention on that thing for a while. Marvel at the beauty or the use of it. Appreciate how it makes you feel. In other words, appreciate your appreciative feelings about that thing. After focusing on it for a while, you may scan the room again and pick out something else that makes you feel appreciative.

Now close your eyes. Lie down if you want to. Relax. Let go of the day’s stresses and forget all your problems for now. There is no right (or wrong) way to do this, so you may as well have fun with it. Begin by noticing what thoughts are going through your head. If you observe any resentful, frustrated, angry or fearful thought, just observe it without judgment and don’t get emotionally involved with it. Allow it to pass through. Do this for a while. Before long you will start to receive a thought of something that pleases you. Maybe it’s a sweet memory. Maybe it’s an image of your lover. Hold your attention on that memory or person for a while. Marvel at its/that person’s qualities. Appreciate the feelings that keep coming as you continue to focus there.

There you go, I’ve just given you an example of gratitude meditation. See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? I plan to give you another longer gratitude meditation script in a couple of days’ time, if you’re interested I shall provide the link below.

Follow-Along Guides

There are numerous gratitude meditation guides that you can access for free on the Internet. A great source is YouTube. Just type “gratitude meditation guides” in the search bar and there should be countless videos appearing in your search results. If you’re not sure of where to start, let me suggest Mary Kate’s meditation guides. She is the founder of MK Magic Mindset and I have enjoyed listening to her follow-along meditation guides on YouTube immensely.

So make sure you give yourself ample time, find a quiet place like your room, lie down on your bed if that’s what you want, and play the video. Then just relax and follow along the video’s instructions. Besides the aforementioned guides, you can also read my very own detailed gratitude meditation script.

Practice Gratitude Meditation

Do it today. You may go through countless personal development materials, but until you put it into practice you wouldn’t know how fantastic or pleasurable it is. And that is going to give you all the motivation you need to continue to do it. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s sharing; please feel free to let me know any questions or thoughts that you might have below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my emails; till the next time; thanks a lot!

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