What is Hypnosis Bootcamp?

Hello there, I’m Clark. For years, I’ve been a loyal supporter of the self-help tools that Inspire3 produce (such as Zen12, Subliminal Guru, Hypnosis Live, Manifesting.com), and they have recently come up with another one: Hypnosis Bootcamp. On this page let me take you through what is Hypnosis Bootcamp, and before you moan about having to pay for this, let me assure you that there are freebies on offer!

You Know Hypnosis, Right?

No, not those where you jump around like a chicken because you are being mind-controlled by a terrifying master (or mistress), but it is a process whereby you relax your conscious mind so that it doesn’t interfere when you replace the beliefs in your subconscious. Because that’s where all the deep-seated beliefs are, that’s what I’ve been told.

Self-sabotage, thinking that you don’t deserve to be wealthy without having to struggle in life, fear that you would catch some disease (adults who are alive in year 2020 would know what I’m talking about) and many other self-defeating attitudes are the result of our beliefs. A belief is a thought that we think/reinforce over and over. Beliefs that don’t ever serve us are like we have to struggle just to make a living because that’s what our parents did, we don’t deserve great love, we fail at the important things we do, etc.

Free Hypnosis Audio – A Taste Of What’s To Come

On the Hypnosis Bootcamp site, you can choose from a selection of 5 free hypnosis audios: Building Your Confidence, Losing Weight, Making More Money, Boosting Your Brain Power, Turning On The Law Of Attraction. Just because they are free, doesn’t mean they are not effective. I have listened to many hypnosis audios that are free yet powerful, so let’s not put our noses up at this.

Register and receive your Hypnosis Bootcamp free audio here.

I downloaded the “Wealth Bootcamp – Booster Session” hypnosis audio and listened to it with Windows Media Player. With the audio/video apps and programs built-in or available for download nowadays there should be no problem playing this audio. It reminded me of the Hypnosis Live audios that I’m familiar with. It even has the same person, Julie Ann, a qualified hypnotherapist, talking in the audio.

To be absolutely safe, listen when you’re alone, because I believe this is an audio that could cause a bit of drowsiness. Better yet, listen using headphones.

Of course, after you register your email the hypnosis audio would be sent to your email, and you will then be sent to watch a video where the Inspire3 team would try to get you to sign up for their Hypnosis Bootcamp. Hypnosis Bootcamp is where they will have you listen to a different hypnosis audio every day for a week. These audios build up day by day in a logical way towards getting you what you yearn for. But one step at a time. First get and listen to your free audio.

As always, when I watch such a video (the one mentioned in the preceding paragraph), I try not to put it off as a sales and promotional video (although it kind of is) but to observe myself and what comes up when I watch it. If there is any negative thought that comes up as you watch it (such as “I’m so jealous of rich people” or “This wouldn’t work for me”), my advice is to just observe the thought without giving in to the urge to follow it and letting a strong emotional charge build up within you, and it will subside by itself. Let it pass through you. Another thing you can do while you watch is feel good. Imagine that the rich person the video is referring to (if you are watching the Wealth video) is you.

A Game-Changer Technique

I don’t want to sell you anything here. Just know that there is a 365-day 100% money back guarantee. Inspire3 has been around for some time and you would have no problem in getting a refund if that is what you wish. Based on their video, Inspire3 has used a game-changer special technique in their audios called Progressive Therapeutic Hypnosis, that will break down your beliefs at the cellular level and then re-frame them so that you begin to allow more good things into your life.

Check out Hypnosis Bootcamp and download your free hypnosis audio.

8 thoughts on “What is Hypnosis Bootcamp?”

  1. I’ve always found the subconscious mind to be very interesting. There’s so much hidden deep under the surface within us and if we don’t get to the root negative and false beliefs we have it can cause so much havoc in our lives. 

    Hypnosis sounds like a great way to get those buried beliefs up to the surface. I’ve never tried it but it seems like it’s worth a shot.

    • Yes, hypnosis is worth a shot. What’s more, you get to have a taste of it for free. You’re right in that our negative beliefs can cause much havoc, but that also means that positive beliefs are going to enable your life to really take flight.

  2. Thank you for this insightful post, I’ve had success with various kinds of hypnosis in the past, I think it just comes down to if you really want yourself to be influenced. If you do, then it will always work. The article was interesting, well written and easy to understand, it also looks good which is a bonus.

    • You really hit the nail on the head with your comment. If your desire is strong, then hypnosis will be able to help you out, by changing your subconscious beliefs. And when your beliefs change, the thoughts you think will change as well to reflect your new beliefs. And that’s when magic happens.

  3. You have a kind heart in helping people to reset their minds and hearts towards positive outlook of life through hypnosis session.

    Is the session recommended to be lifetime or only to a certain point?

    I have been through many downtime in my life. In my case, I have cling on to my belief of Jesus Christ offering His own life for mankind’s salvation and the good life He wants us to have here on earth as it is in heaven.

    Still, I encounter challenges and imperfect decisions or directions. But I am able to pull myself out meditating on God’s promises through the Bible. Although trials continue to strike, I have learn to master my emotions and keep on going.

    Everyone is free to choose the channel for growth that would fit chosen lifestyle.

    People need mentor to go through the details of life they are encountering. Not everyone automatically gain strength and courage to face own struggles. You are a mentor, keep touching people’s lives to move on.

    • Hi Rose, it is recommended that you listen to the audios until you find yourself having new thoughts that reflect your new beliefs. I am touched by your devotion to Jesus, but if you have been through many downs in life and nothing much has changed let me put forth the suggestion that life could be easier. When we think thoughts of empowerment, wealth, health, happiness, basically positive thoughts, we are said to be living the life that was intended for us when we were born, and as a consequence of that our life becomes better. Money becomes less of a problem, challenges seem to be solved easily, things just seem to work out. Hypnosis will be able to help you think such positive thoughts.

  4. Seems interesting, I have never actually tried hypnosis of any kind. I always felt like it’s a bit “fishy”, I guess mostly because I don’t know anything about it… Until now! 

    Hopefully I won’t fall asleep for 18 hours and miss my work but hey, anything can happen haha.

    I will actually take a closer look at this and see what it’s all about, thanks!

    • Don’t worry, falling asleep for 18 hours won’t happen. In fact, you might even feel refreshed, or sleep like a baby, after your session. That’s what I experienced for myself when I listened to hypnosis audios.

      If you can give hypnosis a chance to help you, you might just be surprised at the results you get.


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