What is the easiest way to get money, really

Hello folks, and welcome to my site! I’m Clark, and today I am going to share with you what is the easiest way to get money. I’m not going to get into the technical aspects of your job field, instead I will talk about the mindset you should have in order to start attracting a new existence.

Make Money Less Important (in your mind)

You need to find a way of making yourself less desperate for money. If you are not too tight on money at the moment then this would be much, much easier. But then if you are comfortable in terms of your finances, then you might be less motivated to practice the suggestions here, so…

The same principle applies if you want a huge increase in your wealth. You’ve got to think of money as energy. Money is just paper, but the value that people agree on makes it worth a whole lot more than the paper it’s printed on. And then you have the whole foreign exchange thing, where a particular currency is worth a different value in relation to another currency on a different day. That should tell you that this whole economic thing is not set in stone, there is a law working, and it’s not the law of struggle and hard work (think of the people who enjoy life AND make a lot of money at the same time). This is a law of thoughts and energy.

Be There, And Then You’ll… Be There

You may have heard of the law of attraction, which says that the thoughts you hold in your mind are attracting your life circumstances, events, experiences and the people around you. You may even have tried to think about having what you want… to no avail. You may have heard that consistency is the key, but the trouble is, you seem to take two steps forward and then one and a half (or two and a half!) steps backward.

You think of your business becoming wildly successful, then you feel depressed because you couldn’t see how it is going to happen. That’s because you are used to thinking the thoughts at that frequency or should I say energy level. Those are the thoughts that got you to where you are right now. So for your circumstances to start to change you’ve gotta start maintaining thoughts of a more positive frequency.

But perhaps a couple of simple shifts can do wonders for you. Besides meditating (read: Meditate and Manifest), start to make-believe. No, really. Tell yourself that for the next few seconds you are going to FEEL as if you already have the abundance you want. How would you feel? Just a few seconds. Just right now. Forget about how to get the money, forget about looking silly, forget about what people would say if they know what you’re doing now, forget everything. Do you feel better? More relaxed? Then continue doing it. Do it as often as possible on this day. Don’t worry about looking foolish.

You may start receiving thoughts that feel good to you. Perhaps it’s a thought on using your riches to buy something you want. You may allow yourself to be happy. Don’t immediately go, “But how…”. Just stay in that happy place as long as it feels good. Ignore your current life circumstances for now. Ignore annoying thoughts that pop up asking you how it can happen. If you think about the significant events in your life, probably you’re like me, you never did see how it is going to happen before, only after. It seemed to just happen, and that’s because you were not obsessed about the how, you just kept your eyes on the prize, and you GOT it.

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You may have noticed that I have written a LOT of wealth building/attracting money posts on my site. I daresay some of them would be able to greatly help you. Feel free to engage me in the comment box below should you have any questions or comments. I will leave you with a recommended read below. Till the next one, goodbye!

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