Why do I attract CRAZY people?

What’s up, everyone? Clark here, and today I am going to be talking about: why do I attract crazy people, and what we can do to STOP IT. Crazy here doesn’t mean your crazy friend who makes you laugh out loud, rather I’m referring to those people who seem out to annoy you deliberately, or just people whom you would rather avoid.

Don’t Be Stressing Out

Is that person who annoys you always on your mind? If so, then you gotta be making changes to your thoughts. Don’t you have better things to think about?

If you always think about this crazy person, and get annoyed when you do that, which leads to your body tensing with displeasure and your blood pressure going up, then STOP. The more you think about this person, the more she or he is going to show up in your life. Or you would find yourself in situations where more people like that show up all around you. That’s how the law of attraction works.

So… How?

So first thing is to realize that this person is on your mind a LOT, and realize that it is not doing you any good. Then to break the ‘spell’ so to speak, try being PRESENT. Be conscious of the present moment, put your attention fully on what you are doing now. Be conscious of the step you are taking. Be conscious of your breath. Be conscious of your present activity.

Your mind will try to hang on to the thoughts you were having. It will try to entice you back into thinking and hating on that person again. And you’re going to feel a hard pull. Just stay present. When you do this, you slow down your thinking. You start to dissipate that negative energy that surrounds you because of your previously negative thoughts.

This certainly takes discipline, but if your desire to be surrounded by more people you like than people you don’t like is really strong, then you would make the effort to do it. You would be tested over and over again, because habits are really hard to break, and your mind could be very persuasive in trying to get you to go back to thinking those thoughts again.

Don’t You Have Better Things To Day Dream About?

What about that person you like so much? How about imagining a conversation with her/him? Why not imagine going on a holiday with that person? There are lots of these virtual tours that YouTubers have posted online on YouTube. A virtual tour is where these YouTubers who are there whip out their phone, walk around some city or town while recording their surroundings, and show you what’s going on in that place while your city might be in a Covid-19 lockdown at the moment. So these would have to do while you are not able to travel. Or you can read about these places on Google. Then close your eyes and think about being there instead of people whom you really dislike.

When you think about what you want and have fun and feel good whilst doing it, the physical equivalent of your thoughts will begin to move into your reality.

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I hope I managed to give you some pointers regarding stopping yourself running into your crazy people. I have written quite a lot of posts or articles on this site already, and I would love it if you would read and benefit from them as well. They are not very long, I try to make each piece short and sweet so that I don’t overwhelm you with a long list of things-to-practice. Just one or two suggestions that you could start to put to practice on the day you read them. As always, feel free to engage with me below should you have any questions or comments. I will see you around!

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