Zen 12 Meditation Audios – Meditation for the Busy

Product: Zen 12 Meditation Audios
Who is it for: Meditators of ALL levels – from first-timers to experienced meditators
Where to buy: Zen12.com
Price: $87 ($37 after discount) 
Guarantee: 1-year money back guarantee
Rating: 90 out of 100 (Highly recommended!)
My personal recommendation: Buy and play them today

Introduction to Zen12 – Meditation for the Busy Individual

Zen 12 Meditation

Meditation has been PROVEN to help us release stress, anxiety and worry, achieve a deep state of relaxation (leading to a great night’s sleep or a day of enhanced energy levels, focus and creativity), and elevate mood levels. The calm, focused state of mind achieved during meditation will often continue for MANY hours following the session.

An experienced meditator would be able to access deeper states of mind, unlocking DOZENS of health and brain power benefits, as well as increase his/her sense of inner peace and master his/her emotions.

Yet with so many incredible benefits, why aren’t more people meditating today??

Well firstly, we don’t have time, correct? 30 minutes of sitting down each day ‘doing nothing’? IMPOSSIBLE!! Also, a busy mind and restless body – that’s always a killer.

Someone I know recently recommended to me an audio meditation program that I am now using every day and recommending to all my family members and friends. It’s a set of audios (MP3s) that uses special “brainwave” sounds to meditate for you. Yes, you heard it right — it MEDITATES FOR YOU. The program is called Zen12.

One Hour of Advanced Meditation. In Just 12 Minutes.

Zen12 is a powerful audio meditation program that uses special “brainwave” sounds to shift you into a state of total relaxation. The results are instant. As I listen to it, my problems become a few shades lighter (and I am NOT imagining this!), and most times a wave of optimism would just wash over me. I would normally end the session feeling invigorated, focused and motivated – having the ‘get up and go’.

Zen12 is based on over 100 years of research into an area of science known as “brainwave entrainment”. It speeds up the meditation process by taking brainwaves down to a deep state, which would usually only be reached after a full hour of expert meditation. That means you get the benefits of an HOUR’S advanced meditation in 12 minutes.

There are no rules, no tricky sitting positions and no chanting. You don’t even need to empty your mind. All you have to do is play one of the audio MP3s, sit back, gently focus on the audio and let the MP3 do the rest. If you want to itch, or reposition your body, or even write down an idea that just came to mind, then do it! No time spent listening to these audios is wasted :). 

Zen 12 Meditation

Each MP3 lasts for just 12 minutes, so I believe you can easily fit it into your schedule. As suggested by the Zen12 quick start guide and user manual I now set my alarm 12 minutes earlier than usual and listen to it every day while I sit up in bed. I also listen to it daily before sleeping, because I found myself waking up FRESH in the morning when I do that.

Zen12 contains 12 levels, with each level designed to be listened to for about a month before moving on to the next level. I am currently at Level 2 and loving every minute of it. It is claimed that with each level, you will be able to access a deeper state of meditation, thus bringing about greater results. I can’t verify that at this moment but I can’t wait to get on to the later levels. These deeper states of mind would normally take YEARS of meditation to achieve.

If you’re anything like me, then you have a hard time letting go, and it may take you several listens before you experience these benefits. If you’re still not seeing results after a few listens, shift to Level 2 and see how that works.

A word of caution though: Brainwave entrainment technology can induce very RELAXED states that may endanger you in situations that require your attention. Do NOT use it if you are: 

  1. Driving a car or operating dangerous machinery
  2. Epileptic, have a serious mental disorder, or have brain injuries (Although rare, there is a small risk of seizure associated with individuals who are epileptic)
  3. Photosensitive
  4. Wearing a pacemaker
  5. Pregnant
  6. Under 18 years of age

There are Four ‘Flavors’ to Choose From

Each level in the Zen12 program comes in four different ‘flavors’, meaning you get 48 MP3s by purchasing the full program.

Zen 12 Meditation

There is the Relaxation mix, which contains relaxing spa-like music. Then we have Guided Meditation, in which a guy named Karl Moore (a member of the Zen12 Team) talks you into a deep meditative state. There’s also Sounds of Nature (my favorite along with the relaxation mix), in which you can hear countryside sounds to babbling brooks. Finally there is the White Noise mix, which is a fuzzy sound that blocks out background distractions. You can listen to any of the four, depending on the mood you’re in. The brainwave magic working in each ‘flavor’ is exactly the same; it’s just the sounds/music that is different.

Cool, But How Much Do I Have to PAY???

The price of the full program is $87 (but hold on – just use the voucher code at the bottom-right corner of the Zen12 homepage to get a $50 discount). A picture of the voucher is shown below.

Zen 12 Meditation

When you arrive at the Zen12 homepage, you will be asked to provide your full name and email address. Enter those and they will send you the Level 1 audio MP3s for FREE. You may choose to skip that (click on skip this gift at the bottom of the page) and go directly to their homepage. The voucher code should be at the bottom-right corner. Just ignore the countdown timer there, the voucher is always valid. If I have any complaints about the Zen12 Team, it is that they have a few unnecessary marketing gimmicks in their sales campaign. 

You can also opt for the Beginner Zen12 Course, in which you get the 24 MP3s from the first 6 levels. I don’t recommend this because they do provide a 1-year money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the program after a while you can always get your money back.

Experience meditators may want to get the Advanced Zen12 Course, which gives you the 24 MP3s from the last (typo on the Zen12 site) 6 levels.

Final Verdict:- The Zen12 Meditation Program Rocks!

Again, I just want to say that I tried it, and it rocks! It really does. It’s a great way to “cheat” at meditation, and get all the benefits EFFORTLESSLY.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the Zen12 Meditation Program or have your own personal review, just leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to connect. Thanks!

34 thoughts on “Zen 12 Meditation Audios – Meditation for the Busy”

  1. I think we can all make time for 12 minutes in our lives so the program actually sounds great!
    I have trouble switching off so I do like the sound of this so I can’t wait to try, I did wonder though if it would be suitable for my daughter to use, she uses white noise to help her sleep but is only 7 years old and you did mention it not being suitable for children.

    • Yes Amy, use this when your daughter isn’t around, or you could use headphones. That way, you can be 100% sure that you are the only one who is listening to the audio.

      I hope you enjoy ‘meditating’ in this way, and reap all the benefits!

  2. Hi, I do think, we can think ourselves happy, by meditation and just keeping good thoughts in our heads. This is really a great article, and I would like to try to use these techniques more. On the health and spirituality page, I could not get the IN-Vizion links to work. Great lot of info.

    • Hey Fred, thanks for notifying me about the IN-Vizion links. Appreciate it. The URL for IN-Vizion has changed and I’ll update the links ASAP.

      The links on this page are working fine, though, and since you would like to try more meditation I would urge you to follow the links above and experience the Zen12 meditation audios for free.

  3. Very interesting review of the Zen12 program. I used to meditate when I was younger, and I was actually taught by buddhist monks. I haven’t done it in years because of the reasons you outlined above like feeling that I didn’t have the time, but I think I could certainly find 12 minutes each day to listen to an mp3 while lying down. Great information. Thanks!

  4. Zen12 sounds great and easy to implement into your life. I was thinking that I might try it at night before sleep. I think that is when I will remember to do it and definitely have the 12 minutes to do it. That way maybe I am more likely to benefit from it over a longer period of time.

  5. This actually looks like a really immersive program. I’m a bit sceptical though on how it would work for a beginner. I’ve only meditated maybe 30 times, and although I always feel really comfortable in letting go I’m a bit worried about whether this program is worth it for me.

    I’m really just wondering in what ways the program enhances a normal meditation session. Other than that I really like the way you presented the program and I’m excited to see more from your blog!

    • Hi Aidan,

      I guess the one really big thing that this program does for you is shorten the time that it would normally take for you to receive the benefits of meditation. Instead of meditating for one hour, you get all the benefits in just 12 minutes.

      It is also difficult for most people to reach an advance state of meditation without years of practice. Whereas all they need to do with Zen12 is kick back and listen to an audio.

      This program is specially designed for busy individuals. That’s why people are calling it the ‘next generation meditation’ :).

  6. Hey Clark,

    I am a self help book fanatic, and can totally relate to your story and the improvements they have made to your life.

    Meditation is such hit and miss for many peeps, including myself in the past. But I began to take it very seriously in the last year and only in the last few months have been practicing it daily and OMG its effects have been transformational. And so when I read your post that there are specially formulated meditation tapes that can get you into the deeper levels of consciousness – I was hooked!!

    I will definitely try the free audios first and looking forward to experiencing even greater benefits that you have mentioned on here!!

    Blessings, Roxy

    • You’ve definitely made the right choice by taking your meditation seriously :). Let me know of any amazing breakthroughs that you get from listening to the free audios, and also what you experience from level 2-12 if or when you decide to purchase the rest of them!

  7. Thank you so much for this post, I could use some extra help meditating and am so glad I found your site. I am a busy person both in mind and body so the Zen12 audios will be brilliant.


  8. Clark,
    Okay now, you really have me listening! I have tried meditation off and on through the years without much success. I seem to never quite “get there”! I can’t think of a better way to express that!
    However, these audios just may be the solution! What an excellent review you have done here! Lots of encouragement in your post, Clark! I may have to check these out.
    Thanks! Great job!

  9. I have been wanting to learn how to meditate for quite some time now and for whatever reason I always seem to put it off. This program has me curious though as I think using something guided would be very beneficial for me. However as you stated in the beginning it is all about the timing too. Would this be something that you think could be done with a multitude of kids around?

    • Oh yes! Zen12 audios were created specifically for busy individuals. Instead of meditating for an hour, you just listen to an MP3 for 12 minutes and it gives you the benefits of an hour’s advanced meditation.

      Do take note, however, that brainwave entrainment audios are not recommended for people below 18 years of age. So I would suggest listening with headphones in order to avoid your kids listening in on it too.

  10. Thanks for good advices. I am personally only a beginner on self help books. Important thing is that they really help. I might just try it.
    Excellent post!


  11. hi Clark!
    Ok I rarely say this but I want this!! I love this type of meditation program. I have several short ones downloaded on my phone. I used to listen to them all the time. I now listen to Native American music, which really touches me and calms me down. But I can certainly see myself doing this for 12 minutes a day. What a great way to start the day! My days often start early, with text messages and calls and emails. So it is very very important for me to do something for myself every morning before I start my day. This could certainly be one of those things!

    • You’re welcome :). I’m SURE that you’ll love it!! Just let me know if you have any questions regarding how to use it.

  12. Great article! I think I need to do some meditation but having two kids one year apart definitely makes things challenging – I’m giving this program some thought!



    • Thanks, Anthony. Download the free audios at the Zen12 homepage. You can give it a try before deciding whether to purchase the rest of it.

  13. Thank you for sharing your time saving tips on how to meditate. I know meditation is so important! But finding the time to do it can be the real issue. Great post.

  14. My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was totally right.

    This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!


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